The pro’s and con’s of a one page small business website

What is a one page scrolling website?

A one page scrolling website or ‘parallax website’ displays all content on one page. The page can be broken up into sections and allows the user to scroll through each section without the need to click into separate pages. A navigation menu can still be utilised by means of anchor links to each specific section. 

A one page website gives a user a better experience on a mobile as it removes the need to click on tabs and load different pages. A menu tab can take the user to the information directly on the page.

Advantages of a one page website for small businesses

As there is less content, generally a one page website will take a web designer less time to build. This will however be determined by the type of content and complexity of the layout.

Generally speaking a one page website is more affordable as it takes less time to build. However, the cost will be determined by the type of content and level of complexity to build.

Websites require content and the more pages you have, the more content is required. A one page website does not require a vast amount of content and can display the content in a more visual and simplified manor by using infographics and images.

One page websites are designed for simplicity. Single page designs are clean and free of clutter. There are no distractions and information is found directly on the page without having to click through numerous links.

Simple navigation makes for a better mobile experience. Scrolling is natural, and the absence of links makes browsing easier and gives a better user experience.

Less content makes for easier editing. 

Whether you are selling or want visitors to get in touch via a contact form, using a one page website is easier for you to keep a visitor’s attention with call to actions directly on page.

One page websites are great for generating customers, leads and subscribers. They are a great choice for landing pages too.

Disadvantages of a one page website for small businesses

Whilst there are SEO benefits to a one-page website being mobile friendly, there are some disadvantages too.

  • Limited targeted keywords 
    It is difficult to optimise a one-page website for multiple keywords.
  • Lack of in-depth content 
    A one page website loses the ability to go in-depth on content with internal linking.  
  • Lack of fresh content
    Multi-page websites can keep their content fresh by adding news and articles and new pages. A one page website will remain static which can be seen by Google as outdated content.
  • Only one URL to work with
    A one page website will only have 1 URL to submit to Google and other search engines and only 1 page to share to social media whereas a multi-page website can submit numerous URL’s to the search engine index and social media platforms.

Having a one page website can be difficult to scale and add new pages. This can become expensive when your business has grown and you want to expand the website. 

Choosing what type of website you will need when you first set up your business can be confusing.

To sum up:

A one page website will be a quick and affordable option to get started but may land up costing more money when you need to expand your website as your business grows.

A multi-page website will be more costly to set up and take longer to build however it will be easier to expand as your business grows.

PlusWeb have experience in building both one page websites and multi-page websites. I can guide you on the best option to suit your requirements. View WordPress websites or get in touch below for further information. 

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