Publish WordPress Blog Posts Directly To Social Media Accounts

Connect your WordPress blog to popular social networking sites using Jetpack's publicize feature.

If you are blogging on WordPress and adding on-going content to your website, there is a useful tool that you can utilise to automatically publish your blog posts directly to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Tumblr. 

Publicize for WordPress is a great tool that the Jetpack plugin offers. You have full control over your connection settings and can choose whether to post or not post a particular blog article to your social media.

How to set up Publicize on WordPress

Firstly, download the Jetpack Plugin. You will need to set up an account to link JetPack to your website. You have different paid options to choose from but you can go with the free option to use the Publicize setting. Once connected to your website, you can choose which settings to activate on your website. Once Publicize is activated, you can connect your social media accounts by choosing Settings and Sharing from your WordPress admin tabs. 


Click on the accounts you wish to connect and follow the prompts. You will need to be logged into your social media accounts before trying to connect. You have the option to connect as just you, or if you have more than one admin person managing your website, you can chose to share the connection so that they can also post to your social media accounts.

Managing Publicize on your WordPress blog posts

Once you have connected your social media accounts, go to add a new blog post. On the right side you will see that Publicize is connected and it shows which accounts you are connected to. If you click on edit, you can manage the connections. You have the option to unclick an account if you do not want to post a particular article. You also have the option to add in a custom message for your post.

That is it! You have now connected your WordPress blog to your social media accounts.

Happy blogging!


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