Advantages of Responsive Web Design

For small businesses setting up a website, the initial cost can be very expensive, especially if you are considering a content management system along with a website which is both mobile and tablet friendly. By utilising responsive web design, you get the best of both worlds. Responsive web design offers small businesses a more affordable web solution as you only have the cost of one web design project.

What is Responsive Web Design?


Responsive web design allows your website to automatically scale to suit the viewing device. This means, that it has the flexibility to adapt a website to different screens, allowing your website to become easily accessible on all types of devices. It works by relocating content, re-sizing images, changing the layout and adjusting the navigation all according to the size of the screen.  The benefit of this, it delivers an exceptional user experience no matter what devise your customers are using to view your website!

Advantages Of Responsive Web Design


  • Cost-effective – requires only one web design project.
  • Easy to manage and maintain – there is only one website to update and manage.
  • Improves search engine optimisation –  you only need to optimise content on one url which is consistent across all devices.
  • Delivers a better user experience for your customers – customers will be able to easily scroll through your web content on all devices.

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