Custom Designed WordPress Websites For Small Businesses

Affordable Single Page Custom Designed WordPress Websites

Having a website designed can be a timely project but with a custom designed one page WordPress website, you can get your business on the web quickly and affordably.

A one page website is perfect for small businesses who require a web presence quickly at an affordable cost.  Designed in Elementor, a powerful market leading drag and drop page editor, it is easy to self-manage and keep updated.

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A Single Page Website Includes:

Each custom built website is unique and fully branded allowing you to stand out from the crowd!

A scrolling one page design, with all the content laid out vertically on the same page. This layout simplifies navigation with different sections that focus on delivering information efficiently.

Easy navigation is optimized for mobile devices since users can swipe down to explore all the content without needing to click on different pages. 

All websites use responsive design which means they automatically scale to match the viewing device. 

Easily self-manage your content with Elementor PRO, a market leading visual drag and drop page builder. 

On-page search engine optimisation to ensure your website is indexed by search engines.

Link to your social media accounts and share your website content to social media platforms.

Professional stock images to compliment your web content and online branding.

Showcase your video directly on your website.

Show your office location in Google Maps directly on your website.

Engage with your customers with an on-page call to action enquiry form.



A one page website is a website where all the content is provided in different sections on one page. The page utilises a scrolling effect and is easy for the visitor to find the information they require and get in touch. 


A one-page website has certain advantages over a multi-page website.

  1. Simple and Cost Effective – it is simple and cost-effective to create and maintain as it requires fewer web pages, which means lower costs for design, development, and maintenance.
  2. Easy to Navigate – provides a better user experience as it does not need to redirect between pages. A one page website simply scrolls to the different sections directly on the page.
  3. Clear CTA – it is easier to convey a clear message and call-to-action (CTA) to visitors on a single page as they are not distracted by multiple options.
  4. Good Lead Generation – one-page websites are great for lead generation as they typically feature a prominent CTA and contact form that allows visitors to quickly and easily get in touch with the business.


  1. Limited Content: With everything on one page, it can be difficult to provide in-depth content on each topic, leading to a lack of detail in the information provided.
  2. Limited SEO: With only one page, it can be challenging to target specific keywords and get higher rankings in search engines.
  3. Lack of Scalability: As a business grows, a one-page website may become insufficient, leading to the need for a more extensive website with more pages and functionality.


Content is King! 

The content needed for a website will depend on the purpose and target audience of the site. With a one page website, you are providing content for sections on the page rather than for an entire stand alone page. So naming the sections will provide an indication on the type of content needed for each section. As this is a scrolling page, the content should be short and easy to read. 

Generally you would have the following sections however these can be customised to suit your page requirements. 

About Us – This section should contain information about the organisation such as its history, mission statement and team.

Products/Services – this section should outline the products or services offered. It can be provided as simple bullet points or if you require further information, as a drop down tab format.

Contact and Call to Action – This section should provide visitors with a way to get in touch, such as phone numbers, email addresses and physical address (could include a Google Map). A call to action enquiry form can be added to this section.

Testimonials – This section should feature feedback or reviews from satisfied customers to help build trust.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions can help visitors find the information they need and reduce the number of support enquiries.

Branding – A copy of your logo, preferred colours to use for the website, specific fonts, any specific imagery to use (professional royalty free stock imagery is provided).

Social Media – provide all social media links.

Yes, I can write the content for you at an additional charge. I would still require basic content on the about us section and on your services or products.

A one page website can be designed quickly depending if all the content is provided up front. I give a 1 week turnaround to take into account any changes etc.

TIP: Providing your website content in an easy-to-follow format, will assist your Web Designer in designing your website quickly and effectively.

I do not offer hosting as a service. This will be provided by a hosting company of your choice however I do recommend using SiteGround to host your website. I do offer the service of assisting in setting up the hosting account.

Upon the website going live, PlusWeb will provide administrator login details for you to self-manage your website.

All PlusWeb websites are designed using Elementor PRO,  a market leading drag and drop page builder which allows for easy on-page editing. I encourage my clients to take advantage of the WordPress & Elementor training session to be able to effectively and confidently self-manage your website.

Elementor Web Builder for WordPress

Elementor PRO is a market leading drag and drop page editor for WordPress. Elementor  allows business owners and website administrators to take full control of their WordPress website content. No more trying to search through confusing code to edit simple text. Elementor allows for easy editing directly on-page. Simply click on the section you want to edit, make your changes and click update. It is that simple!

PlusWeb are based in Perth. I keep all web design projects in-house and do not outsource to overseas designers. I am your local Perth Web Designer.

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