What information should you provide to your Web Designer to build your website?

Having a website designed is an exciting stage for your business. You have a vision of what your website will look like, the question is, do you have all the necessary content to showcase your vision?

TIP: Providing your website content in an easy-to-follow format, will assist your Web Designer in designing your website quickly and effectively.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

The first question to ask your web designer is “how long will it take to build?” The length of time taken to build a website will always depend on the amount of information provided upfront and whether the content is user-friendly and easy to follow.

I have provided a few tips below for small businesses to follow to ensure you have the correct information for your web designer when having your new website designed.

Domain Registration and Hosting

If this is a new website build, a domain name will need to be registered. If you want to purchase a .com.au domain, you will require an ABN number. So if you are in the process of obtaining your ABN, start thinking about what domain name you would like to register for your business.

Your web designer will be able to assist you in determining what domain names are available. You will also require web hosting for your website. Some web designers provide their own hosting and your web design package may include both your domain registration and 1 years hosting. You will then be charged annually for your hosting thereafter. Some web designers do not offer domain registrations and hosting within the design package and if that is the case, you will need to set up a hosting account with a host provider of your choice. Most web designers will be able to assist you with this. Once set up, your Web Designer will require access to the cpanel of your hosting account.

What Type Of Website Do You Require?

You will need to discuss your online requirements for your business with your Web Designer. This will determine what type of website will best suit your online needs. How many pages do you require? Are you requiring a brochure type website whereby you can market your products and customers can contact you directly, or do you physically want the ability for your customers to purchase your product directly from your website thus requiring an e-commerce website? 

A brochure style website and an e-commerce website require different information. Brochure style websites will generally require content relating to about the company, your services, your contact details, promotional images etc. An online shop will require professional product imagery, product descriptions, pricing, available stock etc.

Providing your Web Designer with easy-to-follow information will provide a clear indication of what is required before they get started on the design and structure of the website. This will limit the number of changes within the design process.

What Features & Functionality Do You Require?

Hopefully, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of the features you’d like to have on your website. For example, an image gallery or event registration system, calendar, social media embedding, or maybe you’d just like a scrolling banner showcasing your services or top products on the home page. If you are not sure, discuss this with your Web Designer. They will be able to assist you with recommending features to suit your requirements. They will also know best on how to showcase those features throughout your website.

If you are purchasing a set design package, confirm what features the package includes and determine the additional costs for features that are not included.

If you share your design ideas with your Web Designer in the beginning, your designer will have the opportunity to guide you in the direction of other features that add more value to your website, and steer you clear of anything that may cause confusion for your potential customers.

A great way to provide your designer with a clear understanding of what you require, is to share with them a few sites that you like, and what specifically you like on those sites. Because your designer is going to be creating a visual product for you, they will best be able to understand your preferences if you show it to them visually.

What Content Will Your Web Designer Require?

Providing all the content and images in an easy to follow layout will assist your Web Designer in adding the content and setting up the site structure quickly and effectively.


Do you have a logo designed? Your Web Designer will require a copy of your logo in either a JPG, PNG or EPS format. Usually a Web Designer will use the logo colours as branding for the website but every designer has a different design style and it also depends if you have a specific colour preference. Your Web Designer will be able to guide you on colour and branding for your website.

Web Copy

It is best to provide all copy in a digital format such as a Word Document, as it can be easily copied and pasted. Your Web Designer may charge an additional fee if the content needs to be physically typed. If you do not have any copy as yet, it may be worth hiring a professional copy writer who can assist you in providing well written content. If you have a list of key services, it is always best for SEO to have individual pages for each service with well written content for each page.


If you want certain images to go onto a certain page or to be showcased alongside certain content, then name your images accordingly. This is especially important with an e-commerce website. If you have a number of product images, naming them accordingly will assist the web designer in determining which product image fits with each product. Remember, you know your products however your Web Designer does not.

Providing all the content and images in an easy to follow layout will assist your Web Designer in adding the content and setting up the site structure quickly.

To Sum Up

Providing all the content in an easy-to-follow format, will assist your Web Designer in designing your website quickly and efficiently. What is required to set up a website:
  1. A registered domain name.
  2. Web Hosting.
  3. Discuss all your requirements with your Web Designer to determine the type and size of website and incorporated features you will require for your business.
  4. It is a good idea to supply your Web Designer with links to websites that you like so they can understand your preferences visually.
  5. Provide a copy of your logo in an EPS, JPG or PNG format.
  6. Provide any web copy in a digital format such as a Word Document.
  7. If you are providing your own images, name them accordingly for ease of use.
  8. Remember, this is your website, communicating your online vision to your Web Designer is key to ensure they understand all your requirements.


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