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A website redesign is not just simply making your website look different. It is an essential marketing tool in helping your business to evolve and grow online!



As with technology forever developing, the web is constantly evolving and web design is forever changing. Online users have higher expectations when visiting a website and with mobile users fast becoming the majority, if your website is not mobile friendly, this will make a huge impact on your online presence. 

PlusWeb can redesign your website and transform it into the current age ensuring your website meets the expectations of your online customers. If your current website is not on the WordPress CMS, it can be easily re-built in WordPress using your existing content or creating new content. 

You don’t need to worry about any downtime. The new website will be built on a staging URL allowing your current website to remain live until the new design is ready to be switched over. 

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“Nicole was so helpful and did a fantastic job redesigning my business website. I’m very pleased with the result and highly recommend her”.

Neil Bowler

neck and jaw clinic

When is the right time for a website redesign?

If you have recently rebranded, a website redesign will ensure your brand identity is consistent across all media platforms.

If your website has not been refreshed in a long time, a redesign can create a fresh and up-to-date look. 

If your website cannot be viewed correctly and easily on a mobile, this will have a huge impact on your online presence. A redesign can address this issue and ensure your website is responsive and scales to suit any viewing device.

A redesign can address cluttered content. By streamlining content and creating a simplified website structure, your website will be easier for online visitors to navigate and in-turn create a more positive browsing experience.

With cyber threats and hidden risk lurking everywhere in the digital web, it’s crucial for brands to ensure the security of their private data and that of their users’. A redesign can address this and ensure your website and it’s content is secure.

If the answer is yes then it is definitely time for a redesign. Your website should stand out from the crowd!

New age visitors expect fast loading websites. A redesign can address this issue and ensure your website loads quickly across all platforms. 

Many of the older designed websites are difficult to update as they have been designed in either a static HTML format or within a CMS with a complicated coded theme. A redesign can address this issue and create a user-friendly and easy-to-edit website.

A redesign can address on-page SEO and is a perfect time to optimise site performance with relevant keywords and page structure.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you most certainly can. There are a few things to keep in mind when transferring your website across to a WordPress website. Firstly, if your website is with Wix , Weebly or Squarespace, then you will need to set up hosting with a new provider. PlusWeb recommend SiteGround, our preferred hosting partner. You can set up a temporary domain for the new build so your existing website remains live.

Secondly, you will need access to your domain name as you will need to point the domain name to the new hosting provider. This can be done either by changing the nameservers or by adding an A record. 

If you wish to keep the existing content, I take care of transferring all the content across to WordPress. 

Each website is priced according to individual requirements and therefore will be quoted accordingly.

The following will determine an overall quote:

  • Whether the website is a standard brochure website or an e-commerce shop.
  • Amount of pages.
  • Additional plugins and functionality.

It really depends on the complexity of the website, which means it may take anywhere between two to four weeks. Larger websites will take longer as there is more work to do on this scale of website. It also depends on how quickly a client responds with the content required for their website. 

TIP: Providing your website content in an easy-to-follow format, will assist your Web Designer in designing your website quickly and effectively.

No, I build the new website on a temporary domain during the redesign. This ensures that your website remains live during the build. Once the new design has been signed off, there will be a short downtime whilst the new design is updated on the live website.

If you are wanting to update the content, I ask that you supply your website content, particularly around your products or services, as you know them best. I do offer a copy-writing service for an additional fee. I provide professional stock imagery and videos but if you prefer to use your own imagery, then I ask that the images are all provided at the required pixel size.

If you wish to keep the existing content, then I will simply copy all the content into the new design.

All PlusWeb websites are designed using Elementor PRO,  an easy to use drag and drop page builder which allows for easy on-page editing. PlusWeb encourage our clients to take advantage of our WordPress & Elementor training programme to be able to effectively and confidently self-manage your website.

PlusWeb are based in Perth. I keep all web design projects in-house and do not outsource to overseas designers. I are most definitely your local Perth web designer.

Please get in touch below if you have any further questions.


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